RTK Media

Powerful Lead Generation

RTK Media, Inc., like many successful companies, was founded by individuals with many years of experience in all facets of the lead industry. By combining the best in marketing and technology (for lead distribution and for our customers through our CRM software and Client Lead Portal), RTK is able to deliver the best leads on a consistent basis. Today, RTK Media delivers thousands of voice and data leads monthly to over 50 customers across North America, including several Fortune 500 companies.

Why Pick RTK Media?

Our quality is directly tied to our ability to distinguish ourselves in three defining areas:


At RTK Media, we started with the concept of using technology to ensure that we were able to gather our leads, Quality Check them, and deliver them to our customers in a timely fashion. We used that same technology to allow our customers to seamlessly receive, view, and contact the consumers with our CRM software. This software allows companies as small as 1 person to companies with branches and agents all over the world to maximize their advertising dollar. The CRM has a built in power dialer and lead tracking for any type of lead; and best of all, there is no phone systems needed.


There are hundreds of lead companies offering leads. Many claiming that being on a system called a ‘Market Place’ (where unknown lead sources and affiliates randomly post leads into the database) is good for the lead buyer. This may be simple because of the high volume of leads available, but it is not good. At RTK Media, we host 100% of our web forms so that WE are in total control of the leads and lead flow. We only have a few trusted advertisers that we use, instead of opening our advertising up to huge affiliate networks. This ensures that our consumers are not enticed to fill out a form with offers of free gifts, or guarantees that could never be met by our customers.

Consumer/Buyer Relationship

RTK Media recognizes that lead quality depends on the consumer’s interest in the services our buyer’s offer. We know that your relationship with the consumer starts long before you get them on the phone. By using advertising means that under-promise so you can over-deliver, you are guaranteed that the consumer is genuinely interested in your service. Our order system allows for filters to select leads that represent your target consumers. Combine this with total control of our leads delivered as soon as the customer hits submit, and both buyers and consumers are more than satisfied with the process.

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