RTK Media

We only deliver leads that we host the websites ourselves. This ensures that EXCLUSIVE MEANS EXCLUSIVE, and REAL-TIME MEANS REAL-TIME. There are many companies that hold the leads up in Quality Control for every single lead because they are not sure that their advertising sources deliver legitimate traffic. We also have a Quality Assurance system, but once we have validated a source, we feel that it is much more important to give our buyers the opportunity to contact the consumer just as soon as they hit the submit button.

We also have varying levels of Data Validation thru Targus Info we can do on the data before it is delivered to you as well. These methods include Name Match, Address Match, City Match, State Match, Zip Match, Phone Match, and IP validation. Each lead is ‘graded’ based on each of these validations. This allows us to see our advertiser’s report card at a glance each day. Our high quality sources will always have a better report card than if we opened our traffic to random affiliate networks.

RTK Media can deliver leads to you in any format you choose:

Email Body
Email Attachment
HTTP (POST/GET) custom to your lead tracking software

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